Home Decor: Various Tips And Tricks For Decorating Your Micro Homes


Home decor is an inevitable part of your house, which makes it look welcoming for guests. Here are some ways to work with a micro house to make your home cosy.

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Home decor

Tiny homes mean less room and less space for items of all kinds. But that does not mean you cannot decorate your house. The décor in our house includes many small things which touch your interior style. Ditching a traditional-size house means you must become a master of organisation, which means finding clever ways to keep the items you use every day accessible yet out of the way. Here we have listed some simple and easy home décor ideas for micro homes.

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Think multipurpose

When you have limited space, every item in a tiny home should serve dual functions especially when it comes to decor There are many ways for this. For example, the small trunk you are using for the bookcase can hold small things like candles, office supplies, or medicines. Bed or table can be used for storage.

Use wall space

While attempting to find adequate storage in your micro home, make proper use of walls. Use that vertical space to your advantage, but do not make overly cluttered. Attach hooks or add shelving and line it with attractive baskets, in which you can keep hats, gloves and scarves. Also, use wall space to have hanging plants.

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Pick a theme

The easiest way to décor your micro homes is to choose a theme of sorts. Select certain colours, fabrics or styles that appeal to your choice of theme. If you want a beach look, incorporate shells, sand and the natural tans and blues of the coastline. If a southwestern appeal is your choice, opt for cacti, rock art and tribal prints.

Lightning is key

Small places mean fewer windows and fewer chances of natural light. But to have a natural light effect create a foundation of neutral colours for a brightening effect on the entire space. LED strip lighting on stairs and ladders adds a cosy touch and a safety measure.

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