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Splattering And Dripping And Other Painting Techniques That Will Leave You In Awe Of Art

Splattering and dripping is one of the famous art techniques used by many famous artists. Take a look at some of the other incredible painting techniques. Read.

Splattering and Dripping

Throughout history, many artists have found various innovative ways to paint. From canvas paintings to pencil sketching, there are many creative ideas developed by famous artists. Here are some of the strangely stunning painting techniques for highly creative people.

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Splattering and dripping

Splatter painting refers to a set of techniques for using brushes and other tools to flick, throw, or drip paint onto a painting surface. This technique is also known as drip painting or action painting. Reportedly, the technique took off when the abstract expressionist art movement began in the 1940s. Unlike other types of visual art, this technique celebrates spontaneity and improvisation.


Splattering and Dripping Pouring Finger painting Airbrushing spray painting with multiple layers

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As the name suggests, this technique involves spilling different colours of paint directly onto the canvas on top of one another to produce unexpected and amazing swirling patterns. The canvas is then tilted to have great patterns in all directions. Depending on the choice of colour, with this technique, one can create amazing effects.

Finger painting

Finger painting is often seen as a sloppy and abstract pursuit. This is a form of art that most of us have enjoyed and experienced in our childhood. This painting technique also has some benefits like it improves the sensory and healing experience. Apart from this, finger painting is a highly engaging and involving activity which also improves concentration.

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Splattering and Dripping Pouring Finger painting Airbrushing spray painting with multiple layers

(Image Credit: Shutterstock)

Airbrushes were originally designed in the 1800s to be used as photo retouching tools. The airbrush technique is a specific style of painting that results in a subtle combination of smoothness and precision. It is a technique that uses compressed air to force paint through the nozzle and onto the canvas.

Spray painting with multiple layers

This type of techniques involves multi-layered spray paintings. For making a thin line, you need to put the can or spray bottle very up-close to the wall. On the other hand, for doing some spray painting with soft fading, one should pay attention to a certain angle and maintain a specific distance from the surface depending upon the desired effect.

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