10 Things To Consider For First Timers Who Plan To Live Alone In The City Of Mumbai


House hunting in Mumbai can be a bit hard for the first-timers. But here are several tips that one must consider if they are planning to live alone in the city.

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house hunting in mumbai

Living alone in a big city can be quite difficult, especially if one is a first-timer, and is willing to live alone in Mumbai. Various factors came into consideration and new challenges arise that are never ever heard off. Read on to know more about house hunting tips, travel hacks, and other important things that one needs to consider before moving to Mumbai: 

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House hunting and other tips for first-timers living alone in Mumbai 

Tip 1 

If one has no prior knowledge and experience of living alone in Mumbai, one should always remember to pick a house that is adjacent or is in close proximity to a railway station. This will help with the travelling part, as travelling in Mumbai can be costly for those who are unaware of Mumbai's travel options. Railways are the best way to travel in Mumbai. 

Tip 2 

One should have knowledge of the three railway routes, that include the Harbour rail, the Central rail, and the Western rail. Furthermore, the railway station names in Mumbai can be confusing at times, as it changes from time to time. Also, there can two places with almost the same names. For example, Matunga and Matunga Road are two different stations of Mumbai Railways. 

Tip 3 

One must learn to bargain if they are willing to live in Mumbai. Bargaining is an essential factor that one must think about if they are to live alone in Mumbai. It will help you get the understanding of how the local markets actually work, and will also help you with your finances. 

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Tip 4 

Learn the local language, and strangers will be kind to you. If one is living alone in Mumbai, they need to learn basic Hindi or Marathi. It will help you to get better contacts and friends in the new city. 

Tip 5 

Refer to the multiple online markets to hire a cook and a maid. One can also talk to the security guard of the society they are living in, as these people are quite aware of such amenities. Searching for professional help online can be a better option, as there is no middle man. 

Tip 6

Budget management can be hard for those who are living alone for the first time. It comes as a haunting factor while living alone, but can be dealt with easily. Download apps that will help you manage your finances, or carry a small pocket size diary for the same. 

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Tip 7 

Living alone can have its pros and cons. The security factor is one of the biggest cons of living alone in a strange city. One should always have the police on the pocket dial, and make the house secure by fixing up new locks, bolts, and also by preparing for various hazards in advance. Keep a baseball bat and a fire extinguisher handy. Pepper sprays are a must for girls. 

Tip 8 

Street food can more delicious than the ones that are available in restaurants. It will also be more economical but can rope in stomach related issues. Thus, learn about the various street food joints that are out there. 

Tip 9 

One of the most important things that one should know are the various frauds and scams that go around in the city. Try not to look gullible even if you are. Try to hang out with the right kind of crowd, and think before getting into anything that feels fishy. 

Tip 10 

The most important thing that one should consider if they are living in Mumbai alone for the first time is that they must have fun. There are several places that one can visit, including Queen's Neckless, The Hanging Gardens, Sion Fort, Bandstand, and others. So buckle up and enjoy the journey.

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