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Hug Day 2020: Netizens Share Hilarious Yet Relateable Memes On Social Media

On the occasion of Hug Day 2020, here are some hilarious yet relatable memes that netizens posted to social media to express their thoughts on the occasion.

hug day 2020

Valentine’s Day, also called St. Valentine’s Day, (February 14) is when lovers express their affection for each other with greetings and gifts. However, before Valentine's Day, there are a few days that are a build-up for the romantic day. These days also celebrate love, affection, and other things. Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world. Here is a list of what each day denotes from Valentine's week.

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Valentine's Week 2020 List

  • February 7 Rose Day

  • February 8 Propose Day

  • February 9 Chocolate Day

  • February 10 Teddy Day

  • February 11 Promise Day

  • February 12 Hug Day

  • February 13 Kiss Day

  • February 14 Valentine's Day

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February 12 - Hug Day 

February 12th is celebrated as Hug day and it is the sixth day of Valentine's week. This day is to celebrate cuddles and hugs. A hug is the simplest way of expressing love and affection. While couples in love celebrate the day with each other, netizens took to their social media accounts and made some hilarious yet relatable memes for people who are either single or who simply do not believe celebrating Valentine's week as per norms. Take a look at some of those memes. 



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