Strong Headed Zodiac Signs Who Love To Clap Back At Their Haters


People belonging to certain zodiac signs are so fierce and strong that they do not hesitate to respond to their haters. Read on to know about such zodiac signs

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There are some people who get deeply hurt when they are said something negative or have to deal with mean comments and find it hard to get over. However, there are some who do not hesitate to clap back with some cool quotes. For the uninitiated, clapping back means to respond to negative comments with a sassy comeback. With that said, read about zodiac signs that explain the personality traits of people who love to retaliate. These are some really strong zodiac signs:

Zodiac signs who do not hesitate in clapping back


Aries sign rarely think before they act. So, when someone passes on a comment that they find negative, they will snap back without even thinking. Once they sense some kind of negativity around a person, they will not filter out what they want to say. 


When Aquarius people want to clap back, they will find out the most creative way to do so. They know exactly how to deal with the situation and get new things on the table and clapping back is definitely on the list. While doing so, they will make sure that they talk in a rational way instead of being emotional.

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Leos are natural leaders. They not only stand up for themselves but do not hesitate when the time comes for standing up for others too. When it comes to speaking up, they will easily support and help anyone come out of a situation. 

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Extremely clever, Geminis know exactly how to come back at the right time. They will come back with witty words as they are known to have a very strong sense of humour. They take a moment to clap back so that they hit the right chords.

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Virgo's are super intelligent and they are known for their witty nature. Virgo often time give people an opportunity to analyse their mistakes and when they are done, they will come with a very witty response. The best advice is to not try too hard and outwit the Virgos, because they are one step ahead.

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