Virgo Horoscope For January 23, 2020: Know Virgo Daily Predictions


Virgo horoscope: Virgos are born between August 23 to September 22. Read to know what the stars have in store for you today and plan your day accordingly.

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Virgo (Born between August 23 and September 22) is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Virgo is ruled by the messenger of Gods, Mercury and they are rational, intelligent and practical people. They are loving and caring individuals, who like taking care of others without any agenda. True Braveheart’s, they love to take up challenges. Lucky colours are white, green and yellow.

Virgo – what to expect today?

You will be feeling strong, healthy and energetic today. You might be motivated to take on huge tasks, some of which you have been planning for a long time. Be careful before making any decision or you will end up feeling burdened. However, the positive energy that you possess today may help you get rid of the heavy load that you have been carrying.


Today a naturally harmonious atmosphere will exist in your private sphere. You will be at the centre of things and the main person of reference, which may add extra burden on you. Your energy today is positive, you will be strong and calm which may strengthen your family bonds. Your family and your loved ones will support you when you are in need of it which will result in a reduction of the burden that you are carrying.

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Virgo, you will be proud of your body today. Make sure that you don't make this a reason to take your health for granted. You will have to make sure that you feed your body properly with the food it needs to survive and also appreciate it. Plenty of exercise in the fresh air with like-minded people will establish vibrant and positive energy which may help you survive the day.

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Today can be a fruitful day at work. It might be the appropriate time to put all your plans in action. Your friends and colleagues at work will be keen to listen to your advice regarding a particular project that you’ve been giving special attention too. Make sure that you are accessible to people and you are able to provide the help that will work in your favour today.

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Your mood today will be splendid, you will look forward to the day excitedly and so will your potential lover. There may come a point today where your lover will expect you to listen to them. All you have to do is hug them and provide comfort to them that will be beneficial to you. Observe your partner’s reactions and use your positive energy to make sure that they feel secure.

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