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Shani Trayodashi 2020: What are the puja timings and how people celebrate this festival?

On March 21, the auspicious Shani Trayodashi also known as Pradosh Vrat will be celebrated. Read more about this special day and the puja timings

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On March 21, Pradosh Vrat fast will be observed which falls on the Trayodashi of every month. However, this time around, as the Pradosh Vrath falls on a Saturday, it is called Shani Pradosh. It is considered as an auspicious day in the Hindu religion where people perform Vrat Tithi rituals for the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

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Shani Trayodashi 2020 puja timings for March 21

  • Shani Trayodashi 2020 sunrise puja timing: 6.33 am
  • Shani Trayodashi 2020 sunset puja timing: 6.34 pm
  • Shani Trayodashi Tithi starts on March 27 at 7.56 am and ends on March 22 at 10.08 am
  • Chaitra Pradosha Puja Time: March 21 at 6.34 pm to March 21 at 8.58 pm

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Six things people do on Shani Trayodashi 

  • Prayers: It is believed that worshipping Lord Shani on this day helps to remove malefic effects of Shani Dosha from one’s life
  • Fasting: Many people fast on this auspicious day of Shani Trayodashi to please Lord Shiva
  • Shani Puja: People perform Shani Pooja on Shani Trayodashi to calm the planet Shani. Many also perform Tailabhishekam as a part of their Shani Puja.
  • Donation: On Shani Trayodashi, many drop black grams, ginger, coal, nails in the running water as a part of a donation to please Lord Shani
  • Charity: People also offer food to cows, have children come to eat at their place, donate clothes to help them free from the anger of Lord Shani.
  • Chanting: People also chant Shani Mantra which is “Neelanjana Samabasam Ravi Yamaagarjam, Chaaya Martanda Sambhutam Tan Namami Sannescharam”

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