5 Most Thrilling Adventure Sports In Chennai You Must Indulge In


Chennai is famous for its beaches, but it also offers a lot of options when it comes to adventure sports. Here are 5 adventure sports in Chennai you must try

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adventurous sports in chennai

If you are someone who is in love with the idea of trying adventurous sports, then you are in the right place. Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is popular for its beaches and many more things. Adventurous sports in Chennai stand out among all and it offers you a wide range of thrilling activities to do. Here are some of the adventurous sports in Chennai that you should try:


Many of you may not be even aware of this activity, but Paramotoring is one of the topmost adventurous sports in Chennai that you should definitely try. Also known as powered paramotoring, it has a motor attached to the seat and that helps you experience paragliding endlessly. If you want to try something thrilling then go for this activity.


This is yet another one of the adventurous sports in Chennai that you should check out. Apart from the water-based activities the city has to offer, Parasailing is an amazing option that you should opt for if you want to try something more thrilling. You will be strapped with safety gear and which is then pulled by a boat. You can open the parachute once you reach a certain height in the sky.

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Canyoning is yet another activity that you must add to the list of adventurous sports in Chennai. If you are someone who wants to challenge your strength and endurance, then go for this activity. If you enjoy doing water-based sports and want to try something extraordinary, then head for this activity. You can swim and enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastline.

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Micro flying 

You may not have heard of this activity, but it is one of the most popular adventure sports in Chennai. You will be seated in a mini plane that can occupy two seats. You can experience the beauty of nature and coastline at a height of 1000 feet high in the sky. You will get to experience a lot of fun.

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If you go for activities like paragliding and paramotoring, then go for ziplining. This is one of the most sought after adventurous sports in Chennai that you should indulge in. The free-fall and just being in the void definitely elevate your overall experience. You will be rushing from the hilltop to the feet and your childhood dream of doing adventures like Tarzan will be fulfilled.

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