Tel Aviv: Check Out The Coolest Things To Do In The City Of Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv, located on the cliff of Mediterranean Sea, is one of the major tourists attractions across the globe. Check out the coolest things to do in Tel Aviv.

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Tel Aviv is known for its nightlife, pristine beaches and the unique culture. You will witness some breathtaking scenarios at Jaffa. If you are a party animal, you will find ample options to explore the nightlife. Here are the top interesting things to do in Tel Aviv.

Rabin Square, Tel Aviv

This place is a wide range of paving stones that will mesmerise you. The pond filled with lotus flowers is the major attraction of this place. You have to visit this place, especially during the night, as it will offer you some amazing scenes. The place also has some cool cafes.

Take a walk along the beach Promenade, Tel Aviv

Awaken all your senses by taking a walk along this beach in Tel Aviv. You will get to see the City skyscrapers in the north and the Old Jaffa in the south; you can paddle along the beach. Let the sand lap your legs and smell the Mediterranean. The boardwalk is considered to be one of the best things to do in Tel Aviv.

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Explore Jaffa

You will get to experience the old-world atmosphere at this place. You can stroll around the amazing art galleries, churches and mosques. If you want to shop, you can visit the Jaffa Flea Market. You will get an insight into the traditional city.

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Visit the Bialik House

Known to be built in the year 1927, this place in Tel Aviv is home to the national poet Hayyim National Bialik. It is known that he was a resident of this place even before the state of Israel was established. You will get to see ample book letters and fine works of this great artist. 

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Eretz Israel Museum

This is a beautiful museum spread across the campus in Ramat Aviv district of the city. The museum has amazing displays regarding the archaeology, history, culture, and arts. This will help you know the traditional culture of the city. This is another place that you should visit in Tel Aviv.

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