Carribean: Here’s A List Of The Top Five Things One Should Do In The Caribbean Islands


The Carribean islands are now becoming hugely popular for the variety of activities that they offer. Here is a list of things you can do on your next visit.

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The Carribeans are often mistaken to be just about the beaches. But in reality, they have more than that to offer. If you explore correctly and plan the trip perfectly, then the Carribean can show you wonders which you might even come across while scrolling through social media. The Carribean is seen as a geographical wonder with its sunny weather and landscapes.

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Nowadays, many people are opting for a vacation in the Caribbean due to its wide plethora of options to explore. The countries that these islands are home to hosts a variety of rich culture with descendants of African slaves, native Indian tribes, and even European colonialists. The food offered in these islands is thus a mix of these cultures coming together.

Things to do in the Carribean islands

1. Soak in the sun

The most obvious reason for going to the Caribbean is to soak up all the sun that you can get that amazing tan you have always wanted. But there are so many beaches that you often end up confused as to where to go. One needs to always remember that all the coastal shores in the Caribbean are the same and what matters is that you have a gala time and watch the sunset while you sip on a glass of juice or chilled beer.

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2. Swim alongside dolphins

If you are feeling pumped up and adventurous, then opt for activities like diving and snorkelling. There are plenty of options to explore in the clear blue water. The Carribean waters have seen many cases where dolphins and humans share a close affinity. There are also many diving and snorkelling training schools from where one can get trained and then just dive in the waters.

3. Kitesurf in the blue skies

Even though it might look like a tough task, the basics of kitesurfing can be learnt in a day or two. It is a spectacular experience and if you are here then might as well try your hand at it. The Bahamas particularly host many kitesurfing schools where you can train yourself easily.

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4. Power up in a powerboat

If you are the adrenaline junkie in your group or family, then this sport is for you. You just have to take a trip in high-speed powerboats that are available at the beaches. They go at a speed of 40kmph and you can feel the ocean air running through your hair swiftly. You can opt for a standard package or even charter your speedboat.

5. Watch the Montserrat volcanoes

Montserrat is a wonderous and beautiful island as it is. But if you are lucky enough, then you can even catch a view of an active volcano. The volcanoes last erupted in 1955 due to which almost half of the island is still lying under in volcanic ash. The volcanoes are now being kept an eye on from an observatory and you can even catch a boat ride around the volcanoes.

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