China Travel Tips: Things To Keep In Mind Before Travelling To The Country


China travel can be fun and rewarding. However, travelling to any new country comes with a set of challenges. Here are some tips to remember for your trip.

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Travelling through China can be very challenging but with the little preparation, your trip can be an amazing experience. These days, more and more tourists from around the globe are visiting China to catch a glimpse of its rich history and also its culture. For those who are travelling to China for next vacation, here are some China travel tips to help make your visit a little easier. 

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Cash is preferred

Although many large hotel chains and upscale restaurants accept Visa and Mastercard, the most widely accepted card scheme is UnionPay. However, you may mostly also need to pay with cash. Before visiting the country, do not forget to inform your bank about the visit, as you may end up having your cards blocked.

Use bargaining skill

In most of the touristic places, prices are very high and with a little bit of bargaining, you can get great offers. When you are out shopping, watch out for counterfeit goods too. If the price is too good to be true, you might be dealing with fake products.

Weather can be unpredictable

In the summer, the temperature can be over 100ºF (40ºC). While during winters, it can get as cold as 4ºF (-20ºC). You can encounter sleet in the morning and sun in the afternoon. So hope for nice weather and be prepared for cold weather or rain anytime. Also, do not forget to carry a good plastic poncho to go over your jacket.

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Do not drink tap water

Locals do not drink it and neither should you. Tap water in China tends to contain an unhealthy level of heavy-metal particles. Using a bit to wet your toothbrush is fine, but refrain from drinking tap water. However, bottled water is ubiquitous and cheap, so opt for that instead of tap water.

Know the traffic rules

In China, people drive on the right-hand side of the road. However, in Hong Kong and Macau, they drive on the left. There are some rules about crossing streets. One of the important ones is, once you start walking across the street, keep going and do not stop in the middle. 

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