Travel Diary Ideas A Beginner Can Use To Preserve Memories In A Unique Way


Travelling has fascinated most of us in our life. Here are a few creative ideas that might help to preserve travelling memories in a diary for life. Read on

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Travel diary ideas

A diary is something that preserves your memory for life. Turning the pages of old memories hits most of us with nostalgia. And when it comes to memories, almost all of us have that one funny story to share from our travel experience. Those memories can also be stored by maintaining a personalised travel diary or journal. Here are a few tips and creative ideas you can use to enhance your travel diary.

Creative travel diary ideas

Add pictures and unique pieces to your journal

It may sound old school to take a print out of pictures in the digital era. You can stick the pictures of something unique you found during your trip or something that amused you.  A traveller can also stick something uncommon they found at the place they were travelling to.  

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Stick the unique currency

Generally, when an individual travels out of their native country, one of the first things most of them do is hit a currency exchange counter to get a stack of the local currency. By the end of their trip, they might have some left. It might hold a lifelong memory, especially when one knows that they won’t be back anytime soon.

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Explore your sketching talent

This artistic concept for creative travel diary ideas might sound like a nightmare for the people who are not good at drawing. But why to have a second choice when it's about something that belongs to your memories. The sketch or drawing might not be as accurate and detailed as a photo could be, but it may refresh your memory every time you start reliving them through those sketches. 

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Glue the tickets, maps and postcards 

One can glue the ticket and map they use during their trip. The map might remind you of the street where you had the best food or visited something famous in the town or country. A traveller can also add a postcard to their diary.

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Record interaction 

We have often heard a phrase that memories fade away after a point of time. So before you forget that one funny incident you experienced with a localite of the country or place you are visiting, pen it down in your diary. Try to write it as detailed as you can remember. 

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