Harry Potter Filming Locations Across Globe That Are Imprinted In Memories


Harry Potter filming locations are numerous which bought imagination to life. Take a look at the top Harry Potter filming location across the globe. Read on.

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harry potter filming locations

The Harry Potter film series is unarguably one of the most successful book adaptations of all times. Written by visionary author J. K Rowling, the Harry Potter books when transformed on celluloid, created magic on the silver screen. Not just the films characters and, story but Harry Potter filming locations in different instalments were simply surreal. From Hogwarts, Quidditch match ground to Professor McGonagall's classroom, each and every location in of Harry Potter has somewhat imprinted in our memories. Take a look at the top Harry Potter filming locations.

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Top Harry Potter Filing Locations



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The school which taught the young students the art of magic, and how to control it was known as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is one such place which you can spot in almost every Harry Potter instalment. The real Harry Potter Filming location of Hogwarts is the Warner Bros Studios, Leavesden, England. One can witness an entire model version of the Hogwarts school at this Harry Potter filming location in London. A studio tour is also possible there.

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Quidditch match ground 


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Another place which you must have seen quite a few times in Harry Potter films is that of the Quidditch match ground. This place is located in stunning Scotland, known as the Scottish Highlands. It is the same place where the Quidditch match used to take place. Wherein students ride the flying broom-stick and chase the golden ball with wings. This is one of the most romantic destinations in Scotland currently.

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Professor McGonagall's classroom


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Located in England, the Durham Cathedral in the city of Durham, is actually what you saw as Professor McGonagall's classroom. The classroom of Professor McGonagall's is one such site you must have seen in Harry Potter- Chamber of Secrets and Philosopher's Stone. A place where the very magic of transforming animals into the water goblets was taught. The same place where Harry's best friend Ron Weasley got sick and started vomited slugs in the first Harry Potter instalment.

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