Longleat Maze To Tangled Maze: 5 Most Amazing Mazes Around The World


From Longleat maze to Andrassy Castle maze, the world is filled with several confusing mazes. We have compiled the 5 most incredible mazes to visit.

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Longleat maze

The world has several gorgeous places. There are hidden treasures that will make you appreciate nature’s gift. Mazes are incredible backdrops to rejoice and click pictures. Their vastness tends to rejuvenate and refresh everyone. Therefore, we have listed some of the splendid mazes in the world.

1.      Longleat maze, UK

Longleat maze is considered as the longest hedge maze in the whole world. This place has been constructed with more than 16,000 yews. Longleat maze is quite extensive and stretches up to 1.7 miles. This place is a chunk of 8000 acres that belonged to numerous Marquesses of Bath. Among them, about 900 were adorned and embellished by a renowned landscape designer Lancelot Brown. This place includes three small mazes.

2.      Andrassy Castle maze, Hungary

Andrassy Castle maze was originally constructed in the classicist style. However, it was later rebuilt in the romantic style in the 19th century. It boasts of its lush green grounds which are considered as some of the premium mazes in the world. Andrassy Castle maze’s hedges make a unique pattern and design similar to a squid.

3.      The Tangled maze, Australia

Victoria flaunts its Tangled maze, which is fresh with flowering plants, tangled creepers, and exotic herbs. This maze’s uniqueness lies in its change, which occurs according to seasons. The paths and aroma of stupendous flowers make this confusion even look better.

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4.      Villa Pisani labyrinth, Italy

This place is one of the most difficult mazes in the world. However, the Villa Pisani labyrinth is also known for its photogenic views. Created in the 1720s, not many people can complete this maze. Napoleon, who tried his level best to complete it, was confused by the never-ending paths and numerous dead ends. It is also said that Hitler and Mussolini met there officially for political discussions.

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5.      Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens, Australia

With the passing years, the paths of Ashcombe Maze are getting cocooned by the growing flora. This place is different from others in terms of its shape. Rather than strong patterns, the hedges form a circle. Ashcombe maze and Lavender gardens demand consistent trimming of hedges.

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