Paris: Best Time Of The Year To Visit The French Capital To Avoid Crowds


Paris is a popular tourist destination in Europe and is often swarmed with tourists for sights to see. Here is the best season to visit the city to avoid crowds

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Paris, the city that is home to the world's most famous tower, might seem like a quaint romantic idea in the springtime but in reality, will be very crowded. Multiple tourists will manage to impede your vision of the Eiffel Tower and you will probably be greeted with long queues at Louvre with sky-high costs of the visit. Throughout Europe, the travel industry has three seasons, a peak season, shoulder season, and off-season. With these seasons is how your travel will be defined from what the weather might be like to the cost of dinner to the number of tourists you will have to battle to visit your favourite spots. 

Best time to visit Paris to avoid the crowd and peak season

In general, the peak season in Europe runs from mid-June to the end of August, the shoulder season starts from April and goes on till mid-June and from September to the end of October. The off-season lasts from November to the end of March. However, this comes with some exceptions. Paris is relatively empty in July and August as locals try to escape the heat of the city and often head for the beaches or the country to spend their summers. 

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The major advantage that comes with visiting in the peak months is that the visitors practically have the entire city to themselves. One can easily sweep into the galleries without waiting in line and can skip up to the Eiffel Tower within minutes of arriving at the spots. Moreover, the tourists also have the pleasure to wander the streets at their own leisure. With average temperature highs of 25 degrees in July and August, the weather is also likely to be good. 

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With all these perks, there are also disadvantages to visiting the city at this time. With half the locals having cleared out space, many restaurants, shops, and boutiques being closed for their 'annual vacation'. Obviously, there are still plenty of places to eat, but for the foodies visiting the city with the sole purpose of hitting the best restaurants, it is advised to book a visit at a better time. However, the off-season might also prove to be a good time to visit for those who desperately want to avoid the crowds. 

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