Best Time Of The Year To Visit Rome To Avoid A Crowd And Enjoy Its Beauty


Millions of tourists are attracted to Rome due to its history, beauty, and diversity. Hence, here is the best time of the year to visit Rome. Check out here!

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Rome is one of the most famous and beautiful destinations in Europe. The city has something for everyone who plans to visit there. Popular tourist sites there include Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and the Vatican. Millions of tourists are attracted to Rome due to its history, beauty, and diversity. Large groups of tourists, a huge number of street vendors selling bus tickets and long queues, all will await you during your visit to Rome. So, here are the details on when to visit Rome to avoid the crowd and enjoy the city’s beauty.

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January is a good month to explore Rome, except for the first week. Mild winters in Rome during this month can make the city more soulful and pleasant. Crowds will only be huge in the first days of the year, which is due to local school vacations and a national holiday.


February month is still quite normal and Rome can be explored this month too. The weather is still good, with a lesse crowd of people. Except for the end of this month, where many countries across Europe have winter school vacations, you can visit Rome peacefully in February.


March is the month that gets busier than the first two months, due to school vacations in many European countries at the opening of the month. This month, Rome will also start feeling the effect of augmented Mediterranean cruise ship movements. On average, Rome is still not that crowded in March too.


In this month, Rome starts getting the first serious crowds, as the big cruise ships start setting sail to Civitavecchia. Due to eastern break in some European countries and the cruise ship crowd will give the city some of the largest crowds you have ever seen. The Vatican will be the most crowded area nearby this time.


After the crowd of April, May will make you feel calm and much less crowded. While there are special peaks due to cruise ship departures in Civitavecchia, most of Europe is still in school or at work. Rome will be seen the busiest days on May 15th, because on that day there are a large number of cruise passengers scheduled to go in and out of Civitavecchia.

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Almost all the school vacations will start in the month of June, and hence the crowd is expected to be big. So, avoid planning in this month and make strategic choices to ensure the most out of the visit. It would be suggested to think about an alternative to the most crowded destinations.


Peak season has arrived in Rome. Every week of July, Rome will get busier. All European countries will have school holidays. Expect massive crowds and big lines. The best thing to do is to plan ahead.


August month is the most crowded and busiest in the city. Other than the long lines and huge crowd, it is better to plan your trip ahead and plan each day of your stay. Especially the schools will remain closed due to vacations and public holidays.

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Crowds can be mix in the month of September in Rome, as some days are good and some are really bad due to the overcrowding. The cruise ships still bring in tens of thousands of visitors on some days. Throughout the month, the city sees less crowd.


October is the month when Rome can have wet days and the schools also have vacationed at that time. Then, October will be less crowded than the previous months of the year. Other busy days in relation to cruise passengers include October 13, October 21 and October 30. 


November month is the city of Rome’s wettest month of the year. However, November is also the greatest month to avoid crowds. Make sure about the cruise ship movements as some days can still get busy. Hence, November is the best month to visit Rome.


Another crowded and busy time for the city of Rome in December month. As people plan their long weekend trip to Rome as this place is always in people’s wish list. The weather is pleasant again after the wet months.

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