Seoul: 5 Coolest Beaches In Seoul You Must Check Out


While it is winter everywhere, it is a beach season in Korea. It is the best time to plan a beach getaway. Here are the best beaches in Seoul.

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There are a couple of months that make for the perfect weather in Seoul and that attracts thousands of tourists from across the globe. While it is snowing everywhere, it is the perfect climate in Seoul this time around the year. You will witness spectacular flowers and beautiful beaches near Seoul. Here are the best beaches in Seoul that you must visit:

Muchangpo Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Seoul located near the famous Daecheon Beach. It is famous for the phenomenon that people across the globe visit. The phenomenon makes you appear as if the seabed is cutting the seawater in two parts. The phenomenon is also called as the 'Mosses Phenomenon'. One of the best beaches in Seoul, the place is visited by tourists as well as locals.

Daecheon Beach

Situated just 30 minutes from Seoul, this is yet another one of the best beaches in Seoul. You will get to see a variety of pebbles and shells and not to mention the stunning view of the beach. The beach is also famous for the Boryeong Mud Festival. The shallow waters and the texture of the sand makes it easy to celebrate the festival. 

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Naksan Beach

This beach in Seoul has so many things to offer and this attracts a number of tourists from around the world. You will get to gaze the sunrise from Uisangdae Pavilion, Naksana temple. Not to mention the stunning Mt. Seoraksan National Park, that will offer you the perfect wilderness. You will enjoy the views, sands and the beauty of the beach.

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Guryongpo Beach

This beach is famous for its crystal clear waters and the soothing waves that splash the pristine bright sands. The place is perfect for camping as you will get the vibes of calmness that will help you soothe your soul and body. You can pack your own food and spend the night gazing the stars. You can even tour the Pohang city if you plan to spend the night along the beach as the beach is amongst the best beaches in Seoul.

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Eurwangni Beach

This beach is in the vicinity of the airport, so you can definitely dip your toes in the beach as you pass by. Since the beach is close to the airport, it may be crowded most of the time. The serene shallow waters make it one of the best beaches in Seoul for kids and families to swim around the beach. The beach is also known for having many shells. You can spend time collecting different shapes.

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