Thailand Travel Tips: Things To Know About The Country For A Hassle Free Trip


Thailand is a land of stunning beaches, water-based activities, parties, resorts, and delicious food. Here are 4 Thailand travel tips you must check out.

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Thailand travel tips

Thailand is a land of stunning beaches, water-based activities, parties, resorts, and delicious food. If you are seeking some peace and leisure in life then head to Thailand. All you need is a guide to Thailand travel tips to plan a trip that is hassle-free. Carefully go through these Thailand travel tips that will help you with various things to know about Thailand.

Currency and Documents

It is advised that you carry at least 5,000 Baht per head so that you need not worry about cash for visa and other local expenses. Make sure that your passport has one blank page and also ensure that visa is valid for the upcoming six months. If you are planning to visit the Phi Phi Islands, then make sure that you carry at least 200 - 500 Baht. It is known that the place accepts cash and not any other way of transactions.

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Safety Tips

One of the most important Thailand travel tips is to avoid going to isolated beaches. There is a risk of your getting mugged, so beware. The nightlife in Bangkok and Krabi is amazing, but you need to be safe and adhere to the safety rules. It is advised that you register in the country's embassy so that during the time of crises, you are rescued easily.

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Social Etiquettes

This is another Thailand travel tip that you need to know. It is advised that you talk about the king in a respectful manner. He is loved by the people and they may frown at you for being disrespectful. When you visit temples or any sacred places, make sure you dress appropriately and it is advised that you cover your head. Wai is a gesture that is used to greet someone, by holding hands in prayer position. When someone greets you, you can greet in the way they do.

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Food Tips

This is one of the most important Thailand travel tips for people who consume vegetarian food exclusively. Make sure you notify the restaurant about your choice of eating food before you order. It is known that eating with a fork is a thumb rule of eating in Thailand. 

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