Things To Do In Connaught Place: Best Of Tattoo Studios In The City


There are a lot of things to do in Connaught Place in Delhi when it comes to getting a tattoo done. Here are a few places to visit in Connaught Place.

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things to do in Connaught Place

Getting tattoos and piercings has gained new reputation of being a fashion statement nowadays. People love getting tattoos on their favourite things on their body. From series fandoms to symbolic graphics to quotes with personal meaning, people get everything tattooed. Tattoos are picking up on modern trends and are no longer just black in colour, they now come in different colours and even with glow in the dark ink. With so many varieties to pick from, it is also important that you pick a good and hygienic tattoo parlour without comprising on the quality of your tattoo. Here are a few studios to try in and around Connaught Place in Delhi.

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Tattoo parlours to try in and around Connaught Place

Devilz Tattoo

This is the biggest tattoo studio chain in the town and is definitely the place to trust with your first tattoo. What makes this studio so special is its varied range of artists specialising in different forms and also includes India's only female tattoo artist Shyamil Panda. The studio also prides itself in being the go-to parlour for a lot of celebrities.

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Inkinn Tattoo Studio

This studio is run by Max and Jasmer, the cool kids of Inkinn. They promise to deliver designs that will perfectly fit your personality and thoughts. A trip to their studio will make you realise that they have everything to suit your tattoo needs. They specialise in tribal tattooing and will help you pick a tattoo with an interesting story behind it.

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DNA Tattoo Art

Situated in the crowded lanes of South Ex, this is a tattoo studio you do not want to miss. They offer the best of art right from old and new school to Maori, tribal or even Japanese tattoo styles. Hygiene and providing top quality is the main concern of this studio.

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