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Courtside Karen's Husband's Hate Posts For LeBron James Surface On Social Media

Courtside Karen's husband Chris Carlos hatred for Lakers star LeBron James is evident even before the entire heckling incident at the State Farm Arena.

Courtside Karen

LeBron James heckler Juliana Carlos achieved social media since they had a heated argument at the State Farm Arena on Monday night (Tuesday IST). The 25-year-old, who is now known as 'Courtside Karen', thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers star as she, her husband and a couple of other fans were all ejected from the arena. However, eagle-eyed netizens were quick to point that Juliana Carlos' husband Chris Carlos and LeBron James had a long-standing beef, as can be witnessed by Chris' Instagram posts. 

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Chris Carlos' long-standing hate for LeBron James before Atlanta heckling 

Chris Carlos’ Instagram account has now been switched to private but the Atlanta Hawks supporter's hate for LeBron James did not escape the attention of social media users. In April 2017, Carlos had posted consecutive pictures of himself sitting courtside at Hawks games with James on the court with the captions with him making no secret of his dislike for LeBron James. The 35-year-old was then playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, in the same season when they reached the NBA Finals, losing to the Golden State Warriors eventually.

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According to Juliana 'Courtside Karen' Carlos, the interaction actually began between her husband the Lakers star on Monday night. She claimed that the duo were having a go at each other before she stepped in when LeBron James had gone too far and cussed her husband. The game was quickly paused, security officials rushed in and Chris Carlos and his wife were ejected out of the State Farm Arena. After the game, James had said that the couple had gone a little overboard, and it was too close to comfort for him, but their actions did not warrant a sending off from the State Farm Arena. 

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The NBA have now launched an investigation into the conflict between Chris Carlos and LeBron James and the incident at the State Farm Arena on Monday. During their altercation, Juliana Carlos can be seen removing her mask risking public health in the time of the pandemic. For what its worth, the 25-year-old issued a public apology on her own Instagram page and said that she “takes full responsibility” for her actions. 

According to The Athletic, James can be heard saying "Ol' steroid ass". This is the second time LeBron has had a fan encounter this year, with a Cleveland fan holding up offensive t-shirts calling him 'racist' and 'narcissist' was ejected. 

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