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LeBron James Heckler Juliana Carlos Won't Be Banned From Games Despite Petition From Fans

According to recent reports, LeBron James heckler Juliana Carlos will not be banned from future NBA games despite a petition circulated by NBA fans.

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LeBron James' heckler Juliana Carlos was ejected from the Los Angeles Lakers vs Atlanta Hawks game, only to be on the receiving end of trolls after the game. She uploaded her side of the story on Instagram, explaining why she defended her husband from the four-time NBA champions. However, after a day of criticism, the 25-year-old even apologized. 

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Is LeBron James heckler Juliana Carlos banned from games?

After the Hawks-Lakers game in Atlanta, people wondered if Juliana and her husband Chris Carlos were going to be banned from any future NBA games. According to reports, the Atlanta Hawks conducted an investigation about the incident, concluding that no ban was necessary. 

While James did not speak about a ban, he had spoken about the ejection. As per the 36-year-old icon, no one should have been ejected from the game, even though she jumped in and said her piece while James and Chris Carlos were having a back and forth. 

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What was the Juliana Carlos petition?

While reports claim that Juliana will not be banned, fans circulated a petition to ban her from attending any other NBA games as well. As of now, almost 50 people have signed the petition made on The description provided also brings up her taking her mandatory mask off during the game – which only put others at the arena at risk. 

Currently, the Hawks are one of the few NBA teams allowing fans into the arena. Only 1,700 fans are allowed to watch the game at the State Farm Arena, filling 10 percent of the capacity. This is also not the first game Juliana and Chris Carlos have attended, often posting about it on Instagram. Earlier, Juliana has uploaded shots at the arena, one even with 2 Chainz. 

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Courtside Karen Instagram apology

“To say things escalated quickly at yesterday’s game is an understatement, and I want to apologize for losing my cool and removing my mask in the heat of the moment,” Juliana Carlos posted on Instagram. She explained that her husband is a big sports fan, and she got defensive while using offensive language to stand up for her husband. She agreed she could have taken the higher road, accepting full responsibility for the problem. 

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