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Dennis Rodman Vegas Vacation: When Jordan Forced Ex-Bulls Star To Return After 2 Days

Dennis Rodman Vegas vacation: Bulls legend Michael Jordan personally travelled to Las Vegas to retrieve Dennis Rodman for Chicago Bulls' practice session.

dennis rodman vegas vacation

Dennis Rodman was the focus of the Michael Jordan documentary's Episode 3 which released this Sunday (Monday IST). While the episode showed how Rodman was integral to the team, especially during Scottie Puppen's absence, it also focused on the Dennis Rodman Vegas vacation that the Bulls forward took mid-season. Michael Jordan recounts the Dennis Rodman Vegas vacation story in the documentary, while Rodman's then-girlfriend Carmen Electra sharing her side of the story. 

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Dennis Rodman Vegas vacation story

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Dennis Rodman Vegas vacation: Michael Jordan had to cut the Dennis Rodman Vegas vacation short

While Rodman was stepping up as Scottie Pippen recovered from his surgery, he recalled that he grew more 'dramatic, drinking, partying and losing his connection with reality'. Once, Rodman approached the team and stated that he needed a vacation to Las Vegas. According to Michael Jordan, one did not see Rodman when he was on vacation, especially when he was in Vegas. However, the Bulls still let him go after asking him to return in 48 hours. 

From the footage shown in the documentary, Rodman is shown meeting a friend and drinking while in Vegas while Bulls fans cheered him on. Electra, who was with Rodman during his time in Vegas, also recounted her side of the story. According to the actress, they partied all the time and said it 'didn't stop'. 

Rodman continued to remain in Vegas even after two days, while the Bulls were defending their NBA title. When the team did not hear from their teammate, Jordan was the one who travelled to Vegas to bring him back. Jordan brought Rodman back to the team, where he had to immediately return to practice.

Head coach Phil Jackson forced the team to practice with Rodman. Phil Jackson asked the team to do condition workouts so Rodman could get back in game shape. However, Rodman reportedly aced Phil Jackson's conditioning practice. The next two episodes of the Jordan documentary will air on April 3, 9:00 PM EST (April 4 IST). 

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Twitter reacts to the Dennis Rodman Vegas vacation

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