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Dwight Howard Responds To Son Braylon's Accusations, Denies Being An Ignorant Father

Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard recently responded to his son Braylon's Instagram video, insists that he is not an absentee father for his kids.

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Dwight Howard's NBA title win has been undeniably marred by countless scandals. Starting with him accidentally leaking his messages with fiancee Te'a Cooper, the matter escalated to his 12-year-old son Braylon calling him out for being an absentee father. The accusations fired at Howard faced major backlash, as users looked down on the Lakers centre for abandoning his children. However, Howard responded to Braylon's allegations, maintaining that he was not a bad father. 

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Lakers star responds to accusations made by eldest son Braylon Howard

After Braylon's video and IG stories were shared online. Frank Ski Radio Show's host Nina Brown went live to question the Lakers star about his involvement in his children's life. Per reports, the eight-time NBA All-Star called Brown personally to share his side of the situation. Later, Brown apologised for her comments. 

Howard started by saying that he currently has his six-year-old son David with him full-time. The 34-year-old spoke about how being responsible for David after his mother passed away has changed him, and was one of the biggest reasons why he could help win the championship. Howard added that he was "always been a great father", and is hurt that his own son would call him something he is not. 

On speaking about the mothers of his kids, he believes that one cannot let their emotions get the best of them. Additionally, Howard added that he is yet to reach out to his son and clear things out. "It’s a lot of things that are going on, but it’s personal. I’d rather keep that side out," Howard said. In the end, Howard maintained that he would never disrespect Braylon's mother, and was sad that so many personal things were now out in the open. 

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Braylon Howard takes to Instagram to call out his father for being a deadbeat dad

In an account that is managed by his mother Royce Reed, Braylon shared stories by Christine Vest, who is Trey Howard's other. Vest spoke about Howard leaving their son with the babysitter for two months.  "He don’t even talk to me and he know I’m sad and need him. I’m almost 13 so I can talk now," Braylon said about his father. He added that Howard is never around, and only does things when they meet. 

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Brings tears to my eyes every time I see my kids wearing my jersey. #grateful #39

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Reed had taken to Instagram to discuss about Howard's fiancee, stating that she had warned him about such situations and people coming to him with drama. In her Instagram post, Reed wrote about how Howard constantly ignores their son. "Imagine having to text a 3rd party to try and find out if this person plans on seeing their 2 kids that live here," Reed wrote.  "I raise him with love, not through money," Reed continued, adding how Braylon was sad when Howard did not see him even when he was in town. 

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