Jimmy Butler Reveals 5 Toughest Players To Guard: Stephen Curry, Harden And LeBron James

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NBA: Warriors Stephen Curry, Lakers LeBron James, Nets Kevin Durant, Rockets James Harden and Nets Kyrie Irving are Butler's 5 toughest players to guard.

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Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is arguably one of the best forwards in the NBA. In a recent The Players Tribune article, Butler revealed the five toughest players he has ever guarded. He even opened up about his life before joining the NBA and how he was not hardworking or the best player on his team.

According to Butler, he started working hard when his then seniors – Wes Matthews and Lazar Hayward – told him he has what it takes to be an NBA player. Now, Jimmy Butler is proud of his hard work and where he has reached. The thirty-year-old ended his introduction on a funny note by apologizing for rambling. 

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NBA 2019-20: Miami Heat's Jimmy Butler reveals toughest players to guard

1. LA Lakers' LeBron James

Though Butler wanted to focus on other players, he started the list with LeBron James. He believes that James is probably one of the best all-rounders in the league and is an excellent teammate. He can assist, score and defend with equal finesse and is a perfect combination of speed, strategy and strength.

2. Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving

Jimmy Butler believes that Kyrie Irving's crafty and precise gameplay makes him difficult to guard. He toys with other players with his skill, which Butler jokingly calls 'disrespectful'. However, he adds that Irving has various other elements to his game like shooting and assisting. 

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3. Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant

Former GSW player Kevin Durant is next on Jimmy Butler's list. He recounts watching Durant play for OKC while he was a rookie. According to Butler, Durant dominated the court with his speed and athleticism, which was difficult with many talented people playing. He believes that Kevin Durant's gameplay along with his height is 'cheat-code stuff'.

4. GSW's Stephen Curry

Jimmy Butler calls Stephen Curry a 'generational talent'. According to the Heat forward, Curry can shoot from anywhere on the court, which makes him nearly impossible to guard. A bad shot for anyone else is a good shot for Stephen Curry. Butler added that if cornered, Stephen Curry has the ability to cut through and make it to the rim, or even get his team involved. 

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5. Houston Rockets' James Harden

Butler's last choice is Harden. He states that be it the step-back or the 'Euro step', Harden has numerous gameplays in his bag. He also calls Harden's step-back 'legendary'. For Butler, Harden is the man teams plan their game for and is unstoppable even then. 

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