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LeBron James Hairline Jokes Resurface Again Online After Space Jam 2 Sneak Peak Releases

After the most recent Space Jam: A New Legacy teaser was dropped, fans immediately called out the artificial LeBron James hairline featured.

lebron james hairline

LeBron James and his hair have always been discussed by fans, especially this season – where his receding hairline is visible by fans. This time, the four-time NBA champion was being called out and trolled over the Space Jam 2 trailer, where he sports a new hairdo. Fans immediately took to Twitter to make more memes, some wondering where James got his hair from. 

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LeBron James hairline catches fan's attention after the Space Jam 2 trailer 


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The teaser – which lasts for seconds – features James and Bugs Bunny. The next shot is of a sparkly beam both stare at. However, the shot that capture James has fans joking about his probably fake hair. Many pointed out that James now has a proper bald spot, wondering why he would try to hide something everyone has seen. 

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Earlier, James has also shared a meme which compared his bald spot to a Reese Cup. "One of the funniest [memes] I’ve seen. Hated when my Reese Cup would do that but guess what I still kept it and ate it so," James wrote in an IG story. Most fans reacted positively about the meme comparing James' hair to a Resse cup, happy that the veteran is now sharing jokes. 

What is Space Jam 2 release date?

As of now, the movie is set to release in the USA on July 16, 2021. However, the release date is subject to change.

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Space Jam 2 cast

Apart from LeBron James as the lead, the movie will feature Don Cheadle as the villain which James will fight. Sonequa Martin-Green will play Savannah James, while Ceyair J. Wright will play James' son. Earlier, there were also rumours about Bronny James actually playing a part in the movie. WNBA players like Diana Taurasi, Nicole Kornet and Nneka Oqwumike will also be a part of the movie. The Looney Tunes characters will appear, vocied by their respective voice actors. 

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