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LeBron James "shaking" At Thought Of Playing From Another NBA Bubble Even As Lakers Win

While talking to the reporters after a Los Angeles Lakers game, LeBron James revealed that despite it being a success, he does not want another NBA bubble.

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Like most other sports leagues, the NBA has had to postpone multiple NBA games due to the COVID-19 outbreaks within groups. Even if one or two results come back positive or inconclusive, contact tracing leaves teams with less than the required number of players. While the first game was suspended in December, multiple games being pushed ahead this week has started discussions of an NBA bubble once again. 

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LeBron James against the idea of an NBA bubble 2021?

"Well the bubble was a success, obviously, from a performance standpoint as far as our league getting back on," James said while speaking to reporters. James added that while he has been away, he has not thought about the place, saying people continue to give him Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) whenever they bring it up. 

"I started shaking thinking about 96 straight nights in that place"

Most agree with James had to say. While the bubble was a success in containing COVID-19, it was a trying time for all players mentally. After spending months in the Walt Disney World, players are against the idea of being away from their homes, families and other loved ones. While rumours suggest at another bubble, the league is reported to be determined to continue the season as it is. 

Others also believe that if James is against the bubble, it might not happen. 

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LeBron James on the NBA Disney World bubble

Though the players were without fans and family in the NBA bubble, it had been a way for the players to stand together. "The best thing we were able to do in the bubble is that we were able to stand together..." James said earlier this month. With the Black Lives Matter movement taking the USA by storm, players were able to put up a strong and united front and protest peacefully from one place. 

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NBA COVID-19 cases

As per ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Zach Lowe, many NBA players are testing positive for COVID-19 despite having already having contracted the virus once. While players names have not been revealed, players like Kevin Durant and Bam Adebayo have been placed in isolation to avoid close contact. The NBA, per reports, have reported 100 positive cases till now – a number which is expected to increase. 

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