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NBA Fans Troll King James On Twitter Over 'Never' Remembering Lyrics Of The Songs He Plays

Recently, NBA fans took to trolling Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James on Twitter, calling him out for never being able to lip-sync properly.


NBA Twitter has always enjoyed trolling players, even so for non-basketball related things. Los Angeles Lakers icon LeBron James is often subjected to Twitter memes and trolls – sometimes over his hairline and sometimes about his inability to lip sync. Recently, fans joked about James not being able to sign along to any song he plays, compiling various moments from his Instagram lives together. 

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NBA fans call out LeBron James lyrics mishaps on Twitter

James, usually listening to rap, often uploads a video where he sings along to a song. Now, people have taken to call the four-time NBA champion out, pointing out how he never remembers the lyrics. "Lebron got that photographic memory," one fan wrote. Many even pointed out that while James remembers other things, he can never learn song lyrics. 

"Bro let’s not act like we all don’t do this sometimes," wrote another user, adding a bunch of laughing emojis in the end. Many other fans agreed, wondering why something so common was going viral. "He do that on purpose I stg to remind us he’s a dad," said another fan. 

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Days before, James was also called out for his seemingly fake hairline in the new Space Jam: A New Legacy. Set to release later this year, the new teaser of the movie was unveiled. 

The teaser – which lasts for seconds – features James and Bugs Bunny. The next shot is of a sparkly beam both stare at. However, the shot that capture James had fans joking about his probably fake hair. Earlier, James has also shared a meme which compared his bald spot to a Reese Cup. Most fans had reacted positively about the meme comparing James' hair to a Resse cup, happy that the veteran is now sharing jokes. 

LeBron James raps with Kevin Durant

The song "It Ain't Easy" was recorded when Kevin Durant visited James in Akron, Ohio. The song is a three-part song, where James fills in the second verse, while Durant made the beats in his free time. When asked about the rap, James and Durant revealed that they wanted to keep it private. However, as it was leaked, producer and engineer Franky Stewart decided to release it a year later.

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