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Steve Kerr Not Proud About Infamous 1995 Training Scuffle With Michael Jordan

In his recent interview with ESPN, Steve Kerr discussed his 1995 with Michael Jordan as it will be featured in the upcoming The Last Dance episodes.

Steve Kerr

Ever since The Last Dance's release, Steve Kerr has given several interviews talking about the documentary, his time with the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. In his recent interview with ESPN, Kerr discussed his 1995 scuffle with Jordan as it will be featuring in the upcoming The Last Dance episodes. During the interview, Kerr revealed that though it has been some time, he is not proud of his fight with Michael Jordan. 

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What does Steve Kerr think about his fight with Michael Jordan?

While Kerr revealed it is weird looking back at Bulls in the 90s, he is not proud of his altercation with Jordan. Kerr said that it is something that happens from time to time, especially when there is high-level competition. He feels it is 'very, very strange' that everyone will hear about this story while he and Michael Jordan will be on camera talking about it.

As per Kerr, that is the reason behind camera crews not being provided access often. While their 1995 fight was not documented, thinking about it is not fun. 

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Kerr revealed that Jordan called him up later and apologized for the incident. While it was not a good experience, Kerr thinks it was a 'necessary' step in their relationship as they started understanding each other more. They both got along better but never talked about it again.

Kerr himself admitted to not thinking about it but is asked about it often due to it being a unique situation. When he appeared on NBA on TNT a while ago, Kerr revealed that while he does not recommend it to anyone, it definitely helped their rapport. He looks at their fight as a test from Jordan, which he passed, after which the NBA legend only tested him more. 

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Kerr even discussed the upcoming The Last Dance episodes during the interview. As they will approach the Bulls second three-peat, the content will get more private, which Kerr has mixed emotions about. While he is proud of all that was achieved and the footage his kids will see, the time was extremely unique and private. Kerr referred to the policy of the locker as 'sacred' back then, and is sceptical about it being shown to the world. For Kerr, The Last Dance is like a time capsule. 

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