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Tristan Thompson Files Libel Lawsuit Against Kimberly, Agrees For Second Paternity Test

Tristan Thompson lawsuit: Cleveland Cavaliers star files lawsuit against Kimberly Alexander and agrees for a second paternity test over an alleged third child.

Tristan Thompson lawsuit

Cleveland Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson is once again in the news, albeit for all the wrong reasons. The NBA veteran, who famously had a child with popular social media celebrity Khloe Kardashian in 2018, was involved in a very public spat with Instagram model Kimberly Alexander. Kimberly Alexander accused Tristan of impregnating her during a fling four years ago. Kimberly Alexander and Tristan Thompson are alleged parents to a five-year-old boy. 

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Tristan Thompson thanks medical workers across the US

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Tristan Thompson lawsuit, Tristan Thompson paternity test

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Tristan Thompson lawsuit: Tristan Thompson third child rumours

As soon as these rumours began to emerge, Tristan Thompson immediately denied all these claims saying he is not the father of Kimberly's son. Tristan Thompson, who is living with Khloe Kardashian during the ongoing lockdown, even agreed to take a paternity test in order to prove that the child is not his. The Tristan Thompson paternity test concluded he was not the father of Kimberly Alexander's child, but Kimberly alleges that the lab in which Tristan took the test is heavily influenced by the Kardashian family who could have easily tampered with the results. 

Tristan Thompson lawsuit, Tristan Thompson paternity test

Kimberly Alexander and Tristan Thompson lock horns

Kimberly Alexander demanded that Tristan Thompson take a second paternity test and this time from a different lab which the Kardashians have no influence over. Marty Singer, Tristan Thompson's attorney, said in a cease-and-desist letter that Thompson would be willing to take a second paternity test provided it came from an accredited lab to remove any doubt as per E! News reports. The letter states, "After it was indisputably established by a paternity test performed by one of the most reputable labs that Mr Thompson is not your child's father, we thought that would be the end of this. Instead, you have continued to spread outrageous lies about my clients, including ridiculous fictional conspiracy theories that you conjured up claiming that my clients supposedly somehow falsified the paternity test results since members of the Kardashian family had previously used the same trustworthy lab."

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Tristan Thompson cheating history

Tristan Thompson has a long and well-documented history of cheating on his romantic interests in the past. He was caught cheating in a club while girlfriend Khloe Kardashian was nine months pregnant with his daughter True Thompson in 2018. She went into labour when she heard the news but allowed Thompson to be present in the delivery room to witness the birth of their child. Kardashian reportedly tried to work things out with him over the next year but he was again accused of infidelity. This time, Tristan Thompson was accused of kissing Kylie Jenner's best friend and Kardashian family friend - Jordyn Woods. Tristan also has a three-year-old son with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig.

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