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FIFA 22: Petition Started For Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher To Hop Aboard As Commentators

On Saturday, a petition began on for Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville to replace Derek Rae and Lee Dixon as FIFA 22 commentators.

Fifa 22

Jamie Carragher has backed the petition started by Paul Atkinson to have Gary Neville and him as FIFA 22 commentators. As of now, the FIFA 21 commentary is done by Derek Rae and Lee Dixon after the pairing of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith was dropped. Both Neville and Carragher have established themselves as two of the best pundits on television and fans would love to see them commentating in their beloved video game.

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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on FIFA 22?

After being rivals for the longest time, Neville and Carragher have established an iconic partnership to analyse Premier League games. Fans are hopeful that they can see their favourite two co-commentators on FIFA 22 after a petition was started on At the time of writing, within two days over 1,500 have signed the petition.

The petition read, "Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher are the best two co-commentators and pundits in the game right now. Fans deserve their soundbites and analysis on FIFA games to add to the realism and make it a much more enjoyable experience. EA Sports need to do the right thing and get the most beloved duo in the booth and have their dulcet tones on FIFA 22."

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Fans on social media also seem to share the same opinion as on, one can see the different reasons why fans have signed the petition. For example, Matthew Walsh wrote, "Because for realism, this is the best way forward. Carra and Neville have the best banter." Furthermore, Carragher himself seems to be interested in providing commentary for Fifa 22 after he replied to SPORTbible's Twitter handle. "Where's the pen & paper??!!!!," wrote Carragher.

FIFA 21 update

Although there have not been significant upgrades from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21, fans have appreciated the improved realism in gameplay as passing and dribbling seems to have improved. FIFA 21's most significant update has come in Ultimate Team, which is probably FIFA's most popular game mode. Ultimate Team now allows FUT players to team up with friends online in Co-Op games.

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FIFA 22 features

Even though there has been no official update on FIFA 22, these are some of the features fans will be hoping for. With Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022, EA are expected to create a World Cup game mode in FIFA 22 as they did in FIFA 18. Moreover, The Journey could also return as a part of FIFA 22 features. With so much to look forward to, fans cannot wait for the launch of their beloved game in late September or early October.

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