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PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge Winners And Overall Standings

PUBG Mobile's biggest event of the summer, Global Extreme Challenge, was played with 32 celebrity teams in four regions. Here's the overall leaderboard.

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PUBG Mobile Global Extreme Challenge is an effort from the gaming company to encourage a positive change in the society amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Promoting its recent "Play for Good” initiative, the organisers invited some of the most popular celebrities and athletes from around the world to participate in the series in order to be crowned as the "Ultimate PUBG MOBILE team." In the end, the accolade went to Team Scout after some amazing performances, fending off challenges from the likes of Team Mortal and Team Pikachu. 

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PUBG MOBILE Global Extreme Challenge format, teams

A total of 16 teams participated in the challenge series in four different regions. Each team was headed by celebrity captains, who were decided by vote: 

  • North America and the European Union (NA/EU): Team KY Bowman, Team Jack Osbourne, Team Aleyna Tilki and Team Kevin De Bruyne 
  • South America (SA): Team Paulo Dybala, Team Levinho, Team Yurem Rojas and Team Marian Santos
  • Southeast Asia (SEA): Team Gading, Team Auriele, Team Jay Chanathip and Team Hien Ho
  • South Asia, Middle East & North Africa (India/MENA): Team Scout, Team Mortal, Team O Sayf and Team Pikachu

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Two matches were played by in each of the four regions - both matches on PUBG MOBILE's newest Livik map. The first match was a Classic round where the teams competed against each other for the Chicken Dinner. The second match was Survival gameplay where each celebrity's survival points played a crucial role in the team's final points tally. 

The two Indian PUBG MOBILE veterans led their teams against two teams from the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA):

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PUBG MOBILE Global Extreme Challenge standings

  Team Region Points
1 Scout India/MENA 64
2 Gading SEA 51
3 Kevin De Bruyne NA/EU 50
4 Aurelia SEA 43
5 Paulo Dybala SA 41
6 Levinho SA 41
7 Aleyna Tilki NA/EU 40
8 Pikachu India/MENA 37
9 Hien Ho SEA 36
10 Ky Bowman NA/EU 36
11 Yurem Rojas SA 29
12 Mortal India/MENA 28
13 Marian Santos SA 27
14 Jack Osbourne NA/EU 26
15 Jay Chanathip SEA 19
16 Om Sayf India/MENA 16

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