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When Is FIFA 21 Demo Releasing? FIFA 21 Demo Release Date, Other Details

While FIFA 21 will be launched globally on October 9, 2020, there has been little information regarding the release of the FIFA 21 demo version.

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It's around this time of year that fans begin to count down the days until they can get their hands on the next annual FIFA game. FIFA 21 was first revealed during June’s EA Play online conference and the trailer left fans increasingly frustrated with the lack of information about the new edition. Although a small group of selected players were able to play FIFA 21 during the closed beta phase in August, there wasn't much information released after. Here's all you need to know about the FIFA 21 demo and the FIFA 21 demo release date. 

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FIFA 21 demo: When is FIFA 21 demo releasing? 

The FIFA 20 demo was made available for users on Xbox, PS4 and PC on September 10, 2019, but with FIFA releasing their annual instalment of the game later than usual this year, it's expected that the FIFA 21 demo will also release later than usual. Reports from The Mirror claim that the FIFA 21 demo is expected to be released by Friday, September 25 at the latest. However, the most likeliest FIFA 21 demo release date is expected to be Monday, September 21. EA confirmed that FIFA 21 will officially be released on October 9, 2020. The FIFA 21 demo release date is typically two weeks before the global launch of the game. 

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FIFA 21 demo: How to play FIFA 21 demo?

With the FIFA 21 demo, fans will have a limited list of teams to play with. During the release of the FIFA 20 demo, fans were able to play with Liverpool, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, PSG and Tottenham Hotspur. It's likely that these teams will feature in the FIFA 21 demo as well, along with a few other teams. Reports claim that Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Barcelona and Napoli are also in line to feature in the FIFA 21 demo. 

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Last year, the FIFA 20 demo allowed fans to play with a 3v3 match, as well as the standard 11v11 kick-off mode with an exciting Champions League atmosphere at either the Santiago Bernabeu, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, or Stamford Bridge. However, it remains to be seen what new additional modes will be added in FIFA 21. In terms of size of the FIFA 21 demo, the game is expected to be in between 6GB and 8GB. Fans can download the FIFA 21 demo on the store of any of the following gaming platforms - Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Origin or Steam. 

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