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Furlough Controversy: Piers Morgan Advises Premier League Fans To Boycott Season Tickets

Piers Morgan has recommended Liverpool, Tottenham and Newcastle fans to boycott their season tickets for next term over the furlough controversy.

Furlough controversy

The furlough controversy has been in the news all week ever since Premier League side Newcastle United decided to impose a 20 percent pay cut on all their non-playing staff due to the coronavirus UK situation. Other Premier League clubs including Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City and even Liverpool have followed similar protocol in taking advantage of the government scheme. However, English broadcaster Piers Morgan has advised fans of their respective clubs to boycott the Premier League season tickets for next term amid the coronavirus UK situation and the furlough controversy.

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Furlough controversy: Coronavirus UK

The coronavirus UK situation forced the suspension of the Premier League. However, amid the coronavirus UK crisis, some Premier League clubs have been accused of misusing the government's funds in the furlough controversy. A number of employees would be impacted due to the furlough controversy as taxpayers money will be used to pay the wages of the staff on furlough. 

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Furlough controversy: Liverpool join Tottenham, Newcastle and Norwich

The furlough controversy news has garnered Liverpool heavy criticism from former players and pundits. The widespread hate towards the Premier League leaders arrived due to the position the club is in. In February, the Reds recorded a pre-tax profit of £42 million and a record turnover of £533 million for the financial year 2018-19 but still decided to cut the wages of the non-playing staff at the club.

Furlough controversy: Piers Morgan asks fans to boycott tickets

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan addressed the furlough controversy which has been misused by a few Premier League clubs amid the coronavirus UK situation. The 55-year-old journalist took a massive dig at Liverpool and advised fans to boycott their season tickets in protest for the 'incredibly stupid decision' to furlough the non-playing staff. The English broadcaster further slammed Tottenham, Liverpool and Newcastle's billionaire owners.

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Piers Morgan also accused the Premier League club owners of being greedy and only caring about their money. On the other hand, Piers Morgan shed light on West Bromwich Albion amid the furlough controversy in the Premier League and insisted that clubs should take a leaf from the book of the Championship club. Morgan further explained that all the good that Liverpool have achieved over the years will put them under heavy scrutiny for their decision to furlough staff with only 80 percent of their full pay.

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