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Sergio Aguero Calls His Relationship With Lionel Messi A 'marriage'

Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero have a long relationship going back to when they were teenagers playing in the Argentinian U-20 World Cup side.


Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero have had a long relationship going back to when they were just teenagers. The Manchester City striker stuck up a friendship with the Barcelona captain during their time playing for the Argentinian Youth U-20 side. Playing together for the first time under one of Argentina's most accomplished youth coaches, Miguel Angel Tojo, the two became roommates and on their tour to the Netherlands, and have remained so till this day. 

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The history behind the Aguero Messi friendship

It is said that Messi and Aguero's friendship was a result of their coach Miguel Angel Tojo's foresight and a devastating piece of information. Tojo believed that Messis, who were already stationed in Barcelona, would be of great help to Aguero, who was on the verge of making a name in Europe, and so he bunked the two together. At the U-20 World Cup, both Messi and Aguero put up incredible performances to take their team to a win over Nigeria. The iconic Argentinian duo has been inseparable since then.

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Sergio Aguero likens relationship with Messi to that of an 'old married couple'

In an interview with a Spanish TV show entitled 'Santo Sábado' Aguero opened up about what it was like to share a room with the legend. According to Sport, Aguero said that the pair had become like “an old married couple” after living with each other for so long. Pointing out how different they were from each other, Aguero said, “I always fall asleep with the TV on and the next morning he’s always complaining."

Giving more instances of the radically different lifestyles they like to lead, Aguero said, "For example, we get back to the hotel at 19.30 and we’re eating at 21.00. There’s time. But Leo’s in the shower straight away and ready. I’m there in my boxers and talking on my phone…" Messi's strict schedule and Aguero's chilled-out style of living does test the duo's bonds but has never caused them to switch roommates. 

Aguero explained that even though it ticks him off, Messi always accommodates his delays. "Time passes and with half an hour to go, he [Messi] starts: ‘We’re eating in 30 minutes…’ I’m still there on my phone and he’s going: ‘10 minutes to go. We always arrive late. We’ve been here for an hour…’ And then I get ready. The bad vibes start and he doesn’t like arriving late!”

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