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Cam Newton Bids Farewell To Carolina Panthers Via Inspirational YouTube Vlog

Former Panthers QB Cam Newton uploaded a short documentary/vlog to his YouTube channel where he thanked the Panthers and hyped himself for his Patriots move.

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If Cam Newton's latest YouTube vlog is anything to go by, the quarterback is all pumped for his move to New England Patriots. News broke on Sunday stating Cam Newton, who was released by Carolina Panthers earlier this year, agreed to a one-year deal with the Patriots. After struggling with injuries for the past two seasons, the former NFL MVP is determined to take this opportunity and revive his quickly fizzling NFL career. 

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Cam Newton farewell video: QB thanks Panthers for nine successful years

On Monday, Cam Newton uploaded a documentary/vlog to his YouTube channel where he thanked the Panthers after nine successful seasons and braced himself for the next chapter of his career. The Cam Newton vlog begins with Cam Newton working out in his hometown Atlanta after Panthers gave him permission to seek a trade. Norton said he never wanted to leave the Panthers, but admitted that a time would come when he would have face the possibility of leaving the organisation. 

“I never once wanted to leave Carolina,” Newton said in the video. “Don’t let them make you believe anything else. It was their decision. I stuck with it, and I knew that, so I asked for a trade." The quarterback acknowledged that the NFL is a business and his recent history with injury was a cause for concern for the Panthers. Despite leaving the Panthers, Newton appeared determined to continue playing at the highest level. "The marathon continues," he added.

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Last season, Cam Newton took the field just twice as he suffered a Lisfranc fracture in his left foot. He underwent surgery in December. The vlog then shifts attention to his long-winding rehab process with Newton working out, getting treatment and throwing the ball. Snippets of some of Newton's best moments with the Panthers appear as a highlight reel which included the 2011 NFL draft - where he was drafted as the No. 1 overall pick - and the 2015 NFL season - where he was named the MVP. 

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Despite not knowing what the future lies for him, Newton said he remains excited about all opportunities coming his way. The Patriots logo appears which is quickly followed by "Lets Get To Work."

Cam Newton farewell video; watch

Cam Newton's move to the Patriots is yet to be officially confirmed. As per reports, the quarterback would still have to complete a physical with the Patriots in order for the move to go through. The Cam Newton Patriots deal reportedly has a base salary of $1.1 million, but if all incentive clauses are met, the former Panthers star could earn as high at $7.5 million. This still far less compared to the reported $16.7 million he made with the Panthers last season.

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