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Chad Wheeler's Ex-girlfriend Alleah Wants NFL Star To Be JAILED After Brutal Assault

Chad Wheeler's ex-girlfriend Alleah Taylor has revealed horrific details from the night when the former Seahawks star assaulted her in their bedroom.

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Chad Wheeler's ex-girlfriend Alleah Taylor has broken her silence for the first time since she was found assaulted by the NFL star in her Seattle home. The 27-year-old, who was subsequently released by the Seattle Seahawks was arrested in Kent last month and has been charged with first-degree domestic violence assault, domestic violence unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest. Wheeler has been released on a $400,000 bail and has since pleaded not guilty, according to reports. 

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Alleah Taylor assault: Chad Wheeler ex-girlfriend wants jail term for ex-NFL star 

In an interview on CBS This Morning, Alleah Taylor revealed that she had no idea if her assault was related to Chad Wheeler's mental health problems. According to witnesses, the 27-year-old  had allegedly gone off his bipolar medication, and had tweeted later that the events "transpired from a manic episode". Taylor said that she honestly didn't know if there was a connection between her assault and his mental health, revealing that Wheeler had dinner after assaulting her and did not take the same approach with the cops as he did with her. 

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According to ESPN, Chad Wheeler was arrested after Alleah Taylor told police he twice choked her into unconsciousness. The report states that when police forced entry into the apartment shared by the two, Taylor was weeping in pain, with her face covered in blood with her left arm swollen and limp against her body. She also had noticeable fingerprints on both sides of her neck, according to the report. Charging documents mentioned that scans revealed she had a fractured humerus and dislocated elbow. Taylor revealed that she also had a concussion which has to be regularly checked, while has "bolts and a steel plate" in her arm forever. 

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First-degree domestic violence assault is a Class A felony in Washington, while unlawful imprisonment is a Class C felony. If convicted, Wheeler could be sentenced to eight to 12 years in prison and Taylor definitely wants her ex-boyfriend behind bars. She said, "The hardest part of all this wasn't the surgeries, it wasn't any of that. It was getting a call from my niece and nephews. They thought they had lost me. The pain in their voice, I will never forget that. I will never forget that". Taylor had also appeared in court last week at Wheeler's hearing. Speaking of the incident, Alleah said that she did not want Wheeler to think that he had any power over her, and it would have been easy to say things without looking into her eyes. 

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