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Mike Tyson's First Coach Teddy Atlas Recalls Holding Boxer At Gunpoint At The Age Of 15

Boxing legend Mike Tyson was held at gunpoint by Teddy Atlas at 15 years of age by and the ESPN commentator has no regrets over protecting his family.

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Boxing great Mike Tyson was held at gunpoint at the age of 15 by former coach Teddy Atlas. It is reported that Mike Tyson had made inappropriate approaches towards Teddy Atlas' 11-year-old niece at the time. Although Atlas could have made a staggering $30m through his coaching fees by continuing to train with Mike Tyson, the 63-year-old fight commentator insists he has no regrets over losing out on his 10 percent coaching fee.

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Mike Tyson held at gunpoint: Mike Tyson first coach

Despite being known as the Mike Tyson first coach, Teddy Atlas put his family above work. Teddy Atlas began moulding Mike Tyson at a tender age of 12, but the most talked-about moment when the two were together was Mike Tyson being held at gunpoint by Teddy Atlas when the heavyweight legend was only 15. While speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience, Atlas addressed the 'Mike Tyson held at gunpoint' story and explained his actions for doing what he did.

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Mike Tyson held at gunpoint: Teddy Atlas warned Mike Tyson

Teddy Atlas had in fact shot the gun but intentionally missed, sending a warning to a teenage Mike Tyson to stay away from his 11-year-old niece. Atlas explained that Tyson's behaviour at the time was getting out of control in school as he was threatening other students and acting in an ill-suited manner. The ESPN commentator further added that he had no choice but to expel Tyson from Cus D’Amato's famous Catskill gym in New York. The pair won two junior Olympic gold medals during their three-year stint.

According to reports from Forbes, Mike Tyson is estimated to have acquired $300 million through his boxing career. Had Atlas remained his trainer, the American coach would have pocketed a usual 10 percent fee amounting up to $30 million. However, Atlas concluded by stating that he has no regrets about parting ways with Tyson and remains proud of his life achievements.

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Mike Tyson boxing return

The Mike Tyson boxing return news has sent fans of Iron Mike on social media into a frenzy. The 53-year-old posted a couple of videos on social media site Instagram to show off his agility and strength with a trainer. One video was posted with Tyson displaying his lightning-fast reflexes and by his own admission stated, 'I'm back'. 

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