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Mike Tyson Reveals Undergoing Stem Cell Research Therapy For Much-hyped Boxing Return

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is also set to return to the boxing ring after spending 15 years in retirement. The 53-year-old underwent stem cell therapy for it.

Mike Tyson

Boxing legend Mike Tyson's decision to come out of retirement after 15 long years has gotten hardcore boxing fans excited. Although Iron Mike will only be returning for a charity exhibition match, this does not mean Tyson's return inside the boxing ring won't be a huge draw. Mike Tyson has already started his intense training regimen in order to get back in shape in time for his boxing return. During a recent Instagram Live session with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, Tyson revealed he is getting back in the groove of being a boxer and his return is being aided by stem cell therapy.

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Mike Tyson Boxing return: Mike Tyson stem cell therapy revealed

'The Baddest Man on the Planet' said during the Instagram Live session, "You know what I had done? I had stem-cell research therapy. I feel like a different person but I can't comprehend why I feel this way. It's really wild what scientists can do." While Mike Tyson refrained from getting into details of what condition was exactly being treated using stem cell therapy, the former WBA heavyweight champion was sure excited to be able to train again.

Mike Tyson enlisted MMA coach Rafael Cordeiro to aid his training and just three days into his regimen, Iron Mike looks like getting back into his old groove. Tyson admitted to Shaq that after being away from training for 15 years, he felt incredible and with consistent training he expects to be back to normal. "If you continue to do it consistently you'll be back to normal, he told Shaquille O'Neal. "It's just like me, I haven't boxed or hit the bag for 15 years - it has been three days so far and I feel incredible."

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Mike Tyson boxing return: Mike Tyson training

A few days, Iron Mike shared a short snippet of his training session with Rafael Cordeiro. Tyson appeared to be in quite a good shape and looked evidently comfortable with the boxing gloves on. A Mike Tyson boxing return is expected to be scheduled for later this year. Mike Tyson, who became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time in 1986, holds a 50-6 (win-loss) record from his 58 professional bouts.


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