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Patrick Mahomes' Dogs: Chiefs QB Loves Being A Dog Dad To Silver And Steel

Patrick Mahomes' dogs: The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is a dog dad to two pups – Steel and Silver – who have an incredible social media following.

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If you follow Patrick Mahomes on social media, his dogs Silver and Steel are a common fixture. Mahomes has had his dogs for years and is a known dog dad. Months ago when he and Brittany Mattews learned the gender of their baby, Silver and Steel revealed the news in an elaborate ceremony.  

“Brittany is pretty mom-like already with those dogs,” Mahomes said, talking about their dogs – who have been seen at every single moment of the couple's life in 2020 (including some random videos and photos here and there). For the gender reveal ceremony, both dogs ran with pink paint on their paws to make the announcement. 

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Fans' love for Patrick Mahomes dog dad

As Mahomes' popularity has grown, so has his dogs'. As of now, Steel and Silver's Instagram page has 212,000 followers. Per reports, that is almost half the population of Kansas City. His dogs have become synonymous with him and Brittany Matthews fans expect them to make a cameo more often than not. 

Their account remains frequently updated, where the dogs are often seen posing while wearing various clothes. They've worn bowties, worn scarves and even posed for Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. Often, Matthews is seen playing with the dogs. 

Mahomes has often talked about his dogs, once speaking about how he and Steel and the same person. “Me and my dog Steel are exactly the same person, except he’s a dog,” Mahomes said during an IG live with former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu. Both did a Head&Shoulders shampoo commercial together. Mahomes further added that he and Steel also have similar mannerisms. 

In a 2018 interview, Mahomes also spoke about being afraid of dogs initially. His first dog was a gift to Matthews for 2017's Valentine's Day. Back then, Mahomes was yet to become the Kansas City Chiefs' star QB and still played for Texas Tech. 

Mahomes has also spoken for pit bulls, trying to let people know they are in no way dangerous. "I hate how they get stereotyped as aggressive. Any dog can be aggressive, it’s basically the way they’re raised," he said, adding that he is the sweetest pup ever.

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Fans have always shown continued support for Mahomes and his dogs. Many users follow the dogs' account, often wishing them in the comments. 

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Patrick Mahomes' dogs' names

Mahomes has also revealed that Steel was named after the Pittsburgh Steelers. Mahomes revealed that growing up, Matthews had been a Steelers fan – and she picked the name. Now, Mahomes just tells everyone his name is derived from the colour of his skin. “I say it’s because of the colour of his skin,” he said. 

Silver became a part of their family in 2019. It was after Mahomes' first NFL postseason, and the 25-year-old said it had been a joint decision to get another dog. "She definitely wanted it. I was trying to wait until the offseason, but she wanted to get it up here quickly". Silver is also technically a Cane Carso – but often gets called a pitbull. 

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