Scott Boras Net Worth, Earnings, Commission And More On The Celebrated MLB Agent

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Scott Boras net worth: He is the most powerful sports agent in the world and holds the record for most contracts worth over $100 million. Learn more about him.

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scott boras net worth

Scott Boras is one of the most powerful sports agents in the United States and is recognised amongst the world's top negotiators. Boras is a lawyer by trade and the owner of the renowned Boras Corporation, which is the top baseball representation agency in the world. He represents athletes in professional negotiations which relates to contracts, payments, endorsement deals, and other business agreements. 

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Scott Boras net worth

Scott Boras is one of the richest sports agents in America. According to Forbes, Boras has a net worth that currently stands at an estimated $118.8 million as of September 2019.

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How much does Scott Boras make?

In MLB, there are no upper caps on the commission limit. According to reports, Scott Boras was the highest-paid MLB agent in 2017 where he earned around $108.3 million only in commissions from the $1.9 billion worth of player contracts. He still remains the highest-paid MLB agent in the States.

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Scott Boras clients

The Boras Corporation represents roughly 175 professional baseball clients. Scott Boras, through his company, is also known for representing some of the hottest free agents on the market which includes the likes of third baseman Anthony Rendon and ace righty Stephen Strasburg. A majority of his dealings are almost always measured in hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the Forbes' 2019 top agents list, Boras has over $2.3 billion in current major league baseball contracts under management. He has set a record of having negotiated 11 contracts worth more than $100 million, which is far more than any other agent in the market.

Scott Boras recently had three clients sign contracts worth a staggering $824 million. This includes which includes Anthony Rendon signing a seven-year deal worth $245 million with the Los Angeles Angels. He also had Stephen Strasburg sign a seven-year contract with the Washington Nationals worth $245 million and Gerrit Cole's nine-year deal with the New York Yankees standing at $324 million.

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