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Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, LeBron James Compete For GOAT Title Amongst US Masses

NFL legend Tom Brady and NBA icons Michael Jordan and LeBron James compete for the GOAT status amongst US masses according to Geotagged Twitter Data.

Tom Brady

With Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl yet again, the debate of the greatest athlete in United States history has again propped up. Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated defending champions Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, ending their 19-year-long NFL championship title drought. The 43-year-old veteran further stamped his legacy on the league, with the Super Bowl being his seventh big game win, more than any other franchise. 

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Who is the greatest athlete of all time? Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Lebron James dominate GOAT athlete debate 

The debate surrounding who is the greatest athlete of all time hardly stops, whichever the sport. Football has their Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo debate, while in tennis you see Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic battling for that honour. Now, a map created by Geotagged Twitter Data shows who each US state thinks the greatest player ever — irrespective of their profession — is. 

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NFL legend Tom Brady, NBA superstars Michael Jordan and LeBron James were the most dominant names on the map. Among the 50 US states, 11 states believed Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is the GOAT athlete. The NBA icon is still going at 35, helped the franchise end their decade long wait for the Championship ring last season and looks good to help them retain it this season. James has won four NBA titles and a host of other accolades and has been a constant in the NBA GOAT debate alongside the Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan, who also had a fair share of support. The six-time NBA champion was a close second with 10, settling the LeBron-Jordan debate for some masses. 

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As for Tom Brady, the Super Bowl LV win on Sunday vs the Chiefs tipped the scales in his favour. The 43-year-old veteran was regarded as the GOAT athlete in 16 US states, the most in the graphic. Fellow NFL legends and star quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, John Elway and Joe Montana also received a handful of mentions, but only had one state each in their favour, not even reaching half of Tom Brady's tally. Meanwhile, Serena Williams was the only female athlete to feature on the graphic. The tennis legend has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles, the most by any player in the Open Era, and had four US states in her favour as the GOAT athlete in US Sports history. 

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