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Why Did Usain Bolt Retire? Olympic Legend Prematurely Ended Track And Field Career In 2017

Having won three gold medals in the Rio Olympics 2016, a year before retiring, the perplexing question of 'Why did Usain Bolt retire in 2017?' needed answering.

why did usain bolt retire

The question of 'Why did Usain Bolt retire? surfaced on social media and fans were eager to know more about the Usain Bolt football career amidst the current coronavirus crisis. The 33-year-old former Jamaican sprinter holds the world record to complete the 100-meter and 200-meter dash but ended his career on the track prematurely n 2017. Ever since his retirement, the fastest man in the world has been kept busy with his business career, hanging up the collection of Usain Bolt Olympic medals on his wall.

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Why did Usain Bolt retire? Collection of Usain Bolt Olympic medals in Bejing

The first of the many Usain Bolt Olympic medals were achieved in Beijing 2008 when the Jamaican registered gold in a 100m dash. That was only the beginning of the many Usain Bolt Olympic Gold medals to follow. In the 200m sprint and the 4x100-meter relay the 2nd and 3rd of the Usain Bolt Olympic medals were earned as he finished the races in record time for the Olympics. However, one of the Olympic Gold medals needed to be returned as one participant in the 4x100-meter relay was found guilty of doping.

Why did Usain Bolt retire? Total number of Usain Bolt Olympic medals

Along with securing the first two of the Usain Bolt Olympic medals, he recorded the fastest time ever for the sprint for 100 metres completing the race in 9.58 seconds in 2009 World Athletics Championship final in Berlin. Another one of Usain Bolt records included the 200 metres sprint in the same tournament when he completed the dash in 19.19 seconds. The tally of Usain Bolt Olympic medals climbed up to 8 in his career. The Usain Bolt records for the fastest 100 metres and 200 metres dash remain intact till date. Usain Bolt added three more Olympic Gold medals to his name in London 2012 and a three more in Rio 2016.

Why did Usain Bolt retire? Usain Bolt football career after retirement

The answer to the question 'Why did Usain Bolt retire?' was mainly due to a collapse in the 2017 World Athletics Championships. Usain Bolt suffered a hamstring injury in the 4x100-meter relay and had to cross the finish line with the help of his teammates. In August 2017, Bolt announced his retirement from track and field. However, that sprung the Usain Bolt football career into the limelight.

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Why did Usain Bolt retire? Usain Bolt football career comes to an abrupt end

Since he was a child, Usain Bolt was fascinated by football and planned on joining Premier League side Manchester United after athletics. To start with the Usain Bolt football career story, the Jamaican was actually set to for play Manchester United in a charity game against Barcelona but pulled out due to a hamstring injury again. Bolt had trials with Norwegian club Strømsgodset and A-League outfit Central Coast Mariners but despite playing a few friendly games, he never really managed to make an impact during the trials. In January 2019, Bolt stated that his sports life was finished after deciding not to pursue a career in football.

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Why did Usain Bolt retire? Usain Bolt business career

In a conversation with BBC, Usain Bolt insisted that he is looking for new ventures upon ending his sports career. Bolt recently launched Bolt Mobility in 2019, a company that rents out eco-friendly electric scooters via an app called The 'Bolt Chariot'. Bolt is also the face of insole brand Enertor sports. Usain Bolt released Champion Shave Inc, a line of high-end 6 blade razors at economical prices back in 2016. Two years later, Bolt launched the Tracks & Record Jamaican restaurant, planning to expand to 15 locations in the United Kingdom. According to Forbes, Bolt is one of the highest-earning Olympians, earning $31 million in a year.

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