Roger Federer's Witty Tweet After Swiss Coin Honour Breaks The Internet

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Switzerland Tourism congratulated Roger Federer for the coin. Meanwhile, he gave a witty reply, writing 'Feds or tails' as one of the coin's sides has his face.

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Roger Federer

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer became the first living person to be celebrated on a coin in the country on Tuesday. The Federal Mint i.e. Swissmint will release a 20 Swiss francs silver commemorative coin in January 2020. It also has plans to add a Federer SFr50 gold coin in May. The 20-time Grand Slam champion posted a tweet yesterday replying to Switzerland tourism. His country’s tourism Twitter handle congratulated him for the coin. Meanwhile, Federer gave a witty reply, writing feds or tails. One of the sides of the coin has Federer’s face on it.

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The Swissmint website crashes

However, many of Federer's fans were unable to buy the commemorative Federer coin that was announced yesterday. The Swissmint CEO Marius Haldimann said that there has been such a massive demand for it, which led to the crashing of the official website. The event shows Federer's immense popularity and the respect he commands from fans across the globe.

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Roger Federer's tweet adds fuel to the fire

Haldimann stated that the website had 2.5 million clicks and it was too much for the shop to handle. He said that he expected the demand and planned accordingly, but he never imagined it to be this big. Haldimann added that as soon as the 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer posted a link on his social media channels, it led to immediate traffic on the website, creating more problems. Haldimann stated that some fans couldn’t access the shop but could not finish their order while some had trouble getting onto the website.

Federer coin swiss mint

35,000 20-franc silver coins were offered in the pre-sale window on the website, and 15,000 of them are already sold. The remaining coins from this initial run are expected to return to sale as soon as the site is back to functionality. Also, additional 40,000 coins are meant to be released in May, when a 50-franc gold coin will also be released.

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