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Rey Mysterio Son Dominick Issues “An Eye For An Eye” Warning To Seth Rollins On WWE RAW

On this week's WWE RAW, Rey Mysterio's son Dominick issued a warning to Seth Rollins and said, "Rollins, you're a man of scripture. An eye for an eye."

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Adil Khan
Rey Mysterio and Dominick

A couple of weeks ago, Seth Rollins attacked Rey Mysterio and severely injured his eye. After the incident, Rey Mysterio was taken to a hospital where his status was revealed to be critical. Rey Mysterio was reportedly discharged from the hospital last week and since then, he has been resting at his house. On this week’s WWE RAW, Rey Mysterio made an appearance via Zoom to give an update on his health.

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WWE RAW Results: Rey Mysterio gives an update on his health

Samoa Joe started the interview by asking Rey Mysterio about his health and when he could return to WWE. In reply, the future Hall of Famer said that he doesn’t have any timetable set for his return. He added that he is currently “worried that if infection sets in, it could mean the end of his career". Samoa Joe then asked if Rey Mysterio was on WWE RAW to retire. Rey Mysterio said he doesn't know, but it's something he has been thinking about for a while. Rey Mysterio then slammed Seth Rollins and said that former WWE champion ‘carries too much negativity for a messiah’.

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WWE RAW Results: Dominick issues warning to Seth Rollins

Rey Mysterio’s son Dominick interrupted the interview and said that someone needs to teach Seth Rollins and his team a lesson for what they have done. Rey Mysterio calmed Dominick down and damned Seth Rollins for putting his family in this bad situation. In frustration, Rey Mysterio left the interview. Dominick stayed in front of the camera and said, "Seth Rollins, you're a man of scripture. An eye for an eye."

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Could Dominick make his official WWE debut as a wrestler?

Dominick has appeared in many WWE storylines in the past, but not as a wrestler. Many fans speculate that in the upcoming weeks, Dominick could make his official wrestling debut in WWE and would start a feud with Seth Rollins. Many say that Dominick will take his father’s revenge and will start his career with a win. Dominick was loved by fans when he worked with Rey Mysterio in the Brock Lesnar storyline and they can wait to see what the young 'Luchador' does in the Seth Rollins story.

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