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Rey Mysterio's Status Listed As 'critical' After Seth Rollins' Barbaric Assault On RAW

WWE revealed that the doctors cannot assess the damage to Rey Mysterio's retina until the swelling subsides. Mysterio is at high risk of getting an infection.

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On this week’s WWE RAW, fans saw Seth Rollins snap as he brutally injured Rey Mysterio’s eye by shoving it into the corner of the ringside steel steps. After the incident, WWE’s medical team rushed to help an injured Rey Mysterio who was bleeding profusely from his eye. While giving an update on Rey Mysterio's current status, WWE revealed that the master of the 619 was taken to the hospital right after the show ended. WWE also revealed that the doctors cannot assess the damage to his retina until the swelling subsides. WWE said that Rey Mysterio is at high risk of getting an infection.

“Rey Mysterio’s injury status is still listed as critical. Doctors cannot properly assess the damage to his retina until the swelling subsides, as Rey is currently at-risk for infection,” WWE announced.

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After the attack on Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black confronted Seth Rollins and Murphy backstage. He slammed Seth Rollins and ended up attacking Murphy. Despite helping his friend, Seth Rollins ran off. According to many, Rey Mysterio could take a break from WWE and will mark a return after a few weeks. There has been speculation that Rey Mysterio will go after Seth Rollins once he returns and the two will start a new storyline.

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Why did Seth Rollins snap and assault Rey Mysterio?

Throughout the Seth Rollins & Murphy vs Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black match, Seth Rollins appeared to be lost in his own world. Rollins was least focused on the match and paid little attention to his partner, Murphy. However, he snapped out of his trance after Rey Mysterio hit him with an elbow. Following this, Seth Rollins went on to launch an assault on Rey Mysterio.

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According to many, Seth Rollins was hurt (mentally) after WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeated him at the Money in the Bank PPV. Fans have claimed that Rollins was thinking about his loss to McIntyre during the match on RAW and when Rey Mysterio attacked him, he took all his anger out on the Masked Luchador.

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