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Kurt Angle Reveals The Offer He Snubbed From WWE Which Triple H Hand-delivered

Kurt Angle revealed that he rejected multiple offers to come back to WWE after the promotion cut. The most recent of those offers came from Triple H.

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In April 2020, WWE released Kurt Angle and host of other staff members, including in-ring performers and producers as part of the budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that, Kurt Angle made a number of guest appearances on WWE shows and he recently revealed that Triple H and other WWE officials gave him various offers to return. Angle said he rejected all of those since he was busy with his new business venture.

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While talking to Wrestling Inc, Kurt Angle said that he’s focusing on his ‘Physically Fit nutrition company,’ while doing other work like endorsements, managing and acting. “My Physically Fit nutrition company, that’s my first priority. That’s the reason why I didn’t take the job at WWE because I wanted to work more on my supplement company and make sure it succeeds,” Kurt Angle added. He claimed that a couple of months ago, he was offered a chance to be Matt Riddle’s manager on WWE SmackDown, but rejected that opportunity.

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Kurt Angle rejected Triple H’s offer

Kurt Angle then said that Triple H most recently asked him to coach WWE NXT superstars at the Performance Center, but he rejected that offer too. He claimed that WWE offered him a “legend's” deal, but didn’t reveal what the deal really meant. Kurt Angle ended the interview saying that he still has a good relationship with Triple H, Vince McMahon and rest of the WWE staff and he is in contact with them every now and then.

“Today, they have me do an ad for one of their sponsors, so I did the ad for them. So they still reach out to me. I’m just not under contract, and I kind of like that,” said Kurt Angle.

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Kurt Angle’s WWE appearances after getting released

Just a month after getting released by WWE, Kurt Angle appeared on an episode of WWE NXT where he refereed a steel cage match between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. He then appeared on WWE SmackDown, where he announced that Matt Riddle would be making his main roster debut on the June 5 episode of SmackDown. He was scheduled to appear as Matt Riddle’s manager but he rejected WWE's offer. Since then, The Olympian has not appeared on WWE TV.

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