Lana Sends Chilling Message To WWE Universe After Bobby Lashley Beat Rusev At TLC

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In the post-match interview, Lana came up with good news and bad news. She said that it is the end of Rusev day and she will live happily with Bobby Lashley.

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If you thought the Rusev-Lana-Bobby Lashley storyline was over after the WWE TLC match on Sunday, think again. We have not seen the end of the controversial storyline as Lashley drew first blood by picking up a win against Rusev, with a little help from Lana at TLC.

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WWE TLC: "It's the end of 'Rusev day' now," Lana.

During the post-match interview with Cathy Kelley, Lana became the bearer of good and bad news. According to Lana, the good news was that she could now live with her love, Bobby Lashley, forever. As for the bad news, Lana said that 'Rusev Day' was officially cancelled. Lana couldn’t hide her glee as she announced that Lashley’s victory over Rusev made it possible for her to live happily ever after with Lashley. She said that Lashley’s love for her left her giddy and flustered and she was excited to live with ‘this beautiful man’. She also happily announced that the TLC match, was the end of Rusev and that Rusev Day was officially over.

WWE: The story behind 'Rusev day'

In 2017, Rusev was handed the key to his home city of Plovdiv after defeating Randy Orton. That day came to be known as 'Rusev Day'. Since then, Rusev has announced that every day is Rusev Day. Since then, the crowd would chant ‘Rusev Day’ every time Rusev was in the ring.

WWE TLC highlights: Rusev vs Bobby Lashley

At WWE TLC, Rusev started strong before he was hit by a spear and Lashley set up the table. Rusev hit Lashley with steel steps, but the latter retaliated with a Kendo stick. But Rusev took the stick and hit Lashley back when Lana jumped onto her soon-to-be ex-husband’s back and scratched his eye. Seizing the opportunity, Lashley tossed Rusev on to a table, ending the match with a win. But this being WWE, it is hard to believe that Rusev will slink off after his loss to Lashley. Rusev is likely to have something up his sleeves for the coming days. To begin with, he is yet to sign the divorce papers and things can take a dramatic turn on Monday Night RAW.

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Watch Lana in a post-match interview

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