WWE TLC: Bobby Lashley Defeats Rusev, Lana Declares THE END Of Her 'ex-husband'

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WWE TLC: After the match, Bobby Lashley and Lana were interviewed by a WWE host, where Lana said that the ‘Rusev Day’ is officially cancelled. Here is the clip.

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After a long and chaotic storyline, Rusev finally got a chance to face Bobby Lashley at the WWE TLC. WWE fans expected Rusev to win the match in order to end the storyline perhaps for good. But after Rusev’s defeat, it is likely that the storyline between Rusev, Bobby Lashley and Lana is far from getting over. So, is CM Punk’s prediction really coming true?

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WWE TLC: Bobby Lashley defeats Rusev

Rusev came to the ring and started punishing Bobby Lashley from the start. However, The Bulgarian Brute was not able to keep the punishment as the 'All Mighty' recovered and downed Rusev with a blow. Bobby Lashley started punching Rusev in the ribs, but chants by fans gave Rusev some hope. The two then started exchanging blows outside the ring until Rusev delivered a shot with the steel steps. Rusev then picked up the guardrail hoping to slam Bobby Lashley on it, but the 'All Mighty' got out and power-bombed Rusev through the guardrail.

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Bobby Lashley then brought a kendo stick to the fight and started punishing Rusev with a series of blows. After taking a long punishment, Rusev blocked a cane shot and caught Lashley with one of his own. Rusev then started punishing Bobby Lashley with a kendo stick until Lana jumped on Rusev’s back and gave enough time for Lashley to take advantage. Bobby Lashley ended the match by delivering a spear to Rusev followed up by an overhead suplex.

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After the match, Bobby Lashley and Lana were interviewed by a WWE host, where Lana was asked whether her chapter with Rusev is officially closed or not. Lana said that this was the ‘END’ of Rusev. She then said that she and Lashley are going to live happily ever after and the ‘Rusev Day’ has been officially cancelled.

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