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Randy Orton Will Face AJ Styles On The Next Episode Of WWE RAW

This week fans saw AJ Styles deliver an RKO to Tozawa. Later, he promised that he would use an RKO against Randy Orton too. The two will clash next week.

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Randy Orton

WWE earlier announced that Randy Orton will go up against AJ Styles in the upcoming episode of WWE RAW. This week fans saw AJ Styles deliver an RKO to Akira Tozawa. He promised that he would use the RKO against Randy Orton too. The rivalry between the two is going on for almost a month. Fans believe that it would not end in the next episode of RAW. Some think that the two superstars can face each other in Royal Rumble as well.

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The rivalry between AJ Styles and Randy Orton

On the November 25, 2019 episode of WWE RAW, AJ Styles lost his United States Championship to Rey Mysterio. It ended his reign at 134 days. Rey Mysterio won the match with the help of Randy Orton. Since then, a rivalry between AJ Styles and Randy Orton started. Next week, Randy Orton once again interrupted the title rematch between Styles and Rey Mysterio. After that, both the wrestlers fought and thrashed each other on many occasions.

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A couple of weeks ago, Randy Orton got injured during a live event when he was facing AJ Styles. Later, it was revealed that the Viper got a career-ending injury. In the same week, Orton appeared on RAW and started giving his retirement speech. AJ Styles interrupted Orton’s speech and started thrashing him. He also threatened Orton and said that he would not let him retire that easily. Randy Orton laughed and delivered an RKO to AJ Styles. He later revealed that he is not injured and was acting to force AJ Styles to come to the ring. AJ Styles was shocked to hear the news and he was seen mocking Randy Orton. In an interview, AJ Styles said that he will brutalise Randy Orton in their upcoming singles match. He said that Orton would not be able to use an RKO ever again.

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