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Rusev Will Face Bobby Lashley Next Week On WWE RAW; Lana And Liv Morgan Also Set To Appear

This week, Bobby Lashley challenged Rusev for a match. Later, it was announced that the two will face each other in the next episode of RAW. Keep reading.

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After their marriage was botched by Liv Morgan and Rusev, Bobby Lashley and Lana appeared on the stage and completed their ceremony. Lana slammed the WWE Universe and called them liars. As she was about to talk trash about Rusev, The Bulgarian Brute appeared on the screen and said that he is celebrating his freedom from Lana on the beach. As Bobby Lashley was about to speak his mind, Lana interrupted him and started screaming at Rusev. Bobby Lashley calmed her down and challenged Rusev for a match. Later, it was announced that the two will face each other in the next episode of RAW. In an interview, Liv Morgan announced that she would happily stand in Rusev's corner next week.

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Bobby Lashley and Lana’s wedding ends in chaos

The segment started with both Bobby Lashley and Lana making their way to the ring. As the marriage ceremony started, a man came in and claimed that he is Lana’s first husband. He tried to talk Bobby Lashley out of it but ended up getting a spinebuster instead. All-Might’s ex-wife then came in to interrupt the segment, but Lana slapped her and threw her out of the ring. Bobby Lashley and Lana then decided to focus on the present and as they were about to be declared husband and wife, Liv Morgan walked in.

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Liv Morgan claimed that she and Lana were in a relationship in the past and she is cheating on her with Bobby Lashley. Lana broke down into tears and slapped Liv Morgan. As the two women started fighting each other, Rusev immerged from the wedding cake and attacked Bobby Lashley. Lashley and Lana left the ring covered in the cake as chants of ‘Rusev Day’ filled the arena.

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